Livin Out Rock n Roll. The Movie. The DVD.

with Buttz

When a "history of" DVD comes out all of us rock n roll addicts grab for it with both hands and this one is no exception to that rule however, when it is done with true love and humour it goes above and beyond your normal music documentary.

Lo Fi can be a dirty word in today's hi fi 5g ready world but here it succeeds in taking you into the dark, seedy, sleazy but oh so much fun land of the Babysitters and Last Of The Teenage Idols.

Many bigger bands came, saw and then left without as much as a coffee stain on the rock n roll world however, The Babysitters, LOTTI and Buttz have left an indelible mark with (true) far fewer people but he and them are no less important. Rock n roll is about the artist co joining with the fan and bringing said fan into their world and very few have managed this but these cats took you by the rough of the neck and dragged you into the Soho of the eighties and all that was involved there. The good and bad but never in anyway indifferent.

The Babysitters and LOTTI flew the flag of fun and debauchary but with a catchy, loud, raucous soundtrack that had more hooks than Grimsby docks. "When I wrote my songs I always started with the chorus of "Woah woah oh oh" and then the versus just  followed" song writing 101 with Buttz.