Jayne County. An ICON

Jayne County at Heathrow airport ,London September 1978.

The lady really needs no introduction but for those of you who don't know who Jayne is (Shame on you!) I will attempt to put into a paragraph this icons resume!

Warhol superstar , NYC underground superstar , DJ , Bowie influencer , sidelined by Mainman , punk rock star , transgender pioneer and  a rock n roll star!  Will that do for you? Go check out the history of Jayne and believe me ,  you'll have a great time!

Jayne's (as Wayne)  first release , "Maxs Kansas City" original and the limited re press on white vinyl

But today we don't want to concentrate on what's already out there we wanted an insight to what makes Jayne happy and how she likes to fill her days away from the limelight or back in the limelight , read on and welcome to the world of Jayne County .  An Icon!

Hi Jayne , thanks so much for doing this. O.k. can you tell me when the city life lost it's sparkle for you and in turn how did that lead you to the place you live now?

Jayne County ; I left to go home and help out my elderly parents plus rents were getting astronomical and all the cool clubs and bars were closing down!

So it sounds like it was just the right time to go back. Was it like the prodigal daughter returning story , as you went as far away from your roots through your life as you could and what was it like when you got back , had much changed either in the way the place looked or people's attitudes?

J .C ; Attitudes had changed on a lot of things but I was still a fish out of water!

Jayne's arguably best known song "Fuck Off" . Three different versions of the single.

Well , sounds like things have moved forward but not that much . You say "a fish out of water" but is there still a part of you that likes that and still gets a thrill from being all you are?

J .C ; Yes I'm not your ordinary person. I'm glad to be different . Don't like to be part of the mould, I'm my own mould! I've never fit in anywhere! I like being my own creation so to speak.

So glad to hear that Jayne everyone should be who they want to be whatever that may be. So with that in mind do you still get the urge to go "wrecking" every once in a while?

J . C ; Oh yes I love wrecking people's last nerve! Sometimes I'll say something where I know someone is listening just to shock them. Like "OMG is was so BIG I didn't know what to do with it , so I threw it over my shoulder and burped it!!! Or "oh look at this perfect for my next porn movie!"

Oh Wow! that is awesome to hear still giving the rednecks something to worry about! But when you need to shut the world out and have some Jayne time what is the thing you like to do as a yang for your "wrecking" ying?

J . C ; Just sit back in an Egyptian robe among my Egyptian and Greek statues and figurines and my 20 cats , my beloved babies , and watch Star Trek re-runs! And eat humus and entertainment crackers! And work on my art of course! I'm always working on a new piece of art or sometimes several pieces at once! If I get bored I go for a drive in my Tacoma Toyota Truck! I love to go thrift shopping aswell , I got a good eye for statues and such. I also love lamps and collect the weirest ones I can find! My back porch is right on the edge of heavy woods so I like to sit on that and wait for the animals to find their way up. My porches are screened in and I also have heavy fencing so me and the cats are safe if a wild animal comes up!

A selection of photo's from Jayne , of her house , office and back garden , what a view!

Jayne , you said you like driving in your truck , one of my fave tracks of yours is "28 model T" , do cars and trucks trip your trigger or are they jsyt a means to get from a to b?

J . C ; Trucks do! I love trucks! I love the Nisan Frontier and the Colorado by Chevy!

Who would have thought it?! I bet you love driving by and wrecking the town?!

J . C ; Oh Yes but you have to be careful down here if you are in a truck , but , you can take off running yes

I just know you love doing it Jayne and more power to you for it and let's face it there are too many Mr. Normals!

J . C ; Ha Ha You said it!

Press photo's and press info

So laid back and peaceful , well some of the time Jayne. I know you love cats but 20 WOWIE! Did you get the cats yourself or were some strays and needed a home at auntie Jayne's house? Tell me how it came about that you have 20 feline friends?

J . C ; They all needed homes! I only had two to start with! Some were left behind when some evil bitch moved and left them , some were dropped of near to my house and one was a mama cat with her kittens. I had her fixed and kept her and her kittens.

You are not only a legend in the music world you are also one to our feline friends , does your love spread to all of the wild cats too?

J . C ; Yes! I love the wild cats as well.

A taster of Jayne's artwork and oh Debbie Harry!

Awesome so now we know of your love of cats and your other downtime activites . Now how did your artwork become a major hobby and now a business , what with you recent NYC show where the art was flying off the walls?

J . C ; My art yes. Well I've always drawn even as a child. I used to draw pictures of people in my school and boys wanted me to draw dirty pictures for them. Yes I sold quite a few pieces. Debbie harry was among the buyers.

WOW! That must have been cool , did it surprise you that you sold so much and are there plans for anymore shows , because I am sure there would be a great demand for them?

J . C ; I have another art show coming up in about a month in Connecticut! We also intend to take the show to LA , London and Berlin!

Vintage Jayne

What about live shows?

J . C ; Well I'm retired from performing unless it's a local event and it would be a short show because of my back injuries! Getting OLD! I'll be 72 this July. Same age as Debbie Harry and John Walters , two dear friends of mine.

Debbie , Jayne and John

You look good on it though Jayne! So no live shows but you just have issued "Leave My Pussy Alone" , how did that come about and are there anymore plans for new music?

Up to date Jayne

J . C ; Oh yes , well I run a cat house to help abandoned cats! So Jim (LaLumia Manager , Artist  and all round NYC Authority) had this great idea to write this song as I love cats so. The song is against animal experimentation , espically cats thus "Leave My Pussy Alone", I am recording a new song soon it's about Gender and all the different ones out there now. Gender Fluid , Transgender , Gender Variant etc... it's a whole new world out there!

Once again Jayne on the cusp! It was awesome to hear new music from you and the video you have (click here to view on youtube) for "Leave My Pussy Alone" you look awesome certainly belying your 72 years! The art shows also look like a lot of fun , so let's hope, as you said the plans come off for many more shows worldwide so your public can see you again. The new track you mentioned is it recorded yet and does it have a title?

J . C ; The new track is in the works! Haven't even done the vocal yet so it won't be ready for a month or so. It's called IGENDERTY! It's a homage to Gender variant people!

O.k. talking of music Jayne what toons are your listening to? Do you still dig all that 1960's British Invasion stuff?

J . C ; I still , to this day listen to the music of the sixties. Lately I'm digging The Pretty Things and The Troggs and all those sixties nuggets tunes!

Angel to some , devil to other but heroine to so , so many people worldwide! We look forward to "IGenderty" coming out and also "Leave My Pussy Alone" Is out on all the digital formats but also a limited PINK vinyl pressing due very soon so lots to keep us all entertained. O.k. Jayne just before we sign off I want to thank you for being so gracious with your time you are an ICON and no doubt about it! Do you have any parting words for your fans and devotees worldwide?

J . C ; Well just tell people to keep Rock n Roll for ever going!



Video's have been made for both "Leave My Pussy Alone" click here, and for "IGENDERTY" click here.....both reminders that Jayne is here and still Kicking ass!

Interview conducted March / April 2018

Photographs courtesy of Jayne County and suitsandtheplatformboots vaults.